Dashes Play Mat

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The Dashes Multi-Coloured Play Mat is 120cm Round and fully reversible.

Perfect for the little ones to play on with their toys or as a modern floor covering in the kids room.

120cm Round. Microfibre.

Also available in Stencil, Steps and Roses.

  • Pure Zone Play Mats are Microfibre which makes them easy to wash and quick to dry. Leave them at home or take them with you on play dates with the kids. They are the perfect size for the little ones to play on.

  • Pure Zone Play Mats come in one size - 120cm Round.

  • At Pure Zone, we recommend cool to warm machine wash on a gentle to normal cycle. Always use a mild detergent that should be dissolved prior to adding your Play Mat, and should not come in contact with the Play Mat. Once the machine has finished its washing cycle, we recommend removing it from the machine immediately so it doesn't stay wet in the machine for too long. Line dry your Pure Zone Play Mat with fresh air in the shade, and fold when dry. Do not tumble dry, do not iron.

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